Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate coming up with titles sometimes lol

My first apology will be that I did this when I was sick so my eyes are super red!! But get used to it, thats how my eyes look through most of the spring due to allergies anyways lol. And second of all, I know I am a total poser in the last pic lol, but I like it anyways!
Im getting excited for things to come, with my new position, the Bf's birthday next week, and the things that will be falling into place this year!!! Life is good!! Positive energy will bring you so much!!!
On that note, I'd like everyone to send my friend's Bro Texis all the positive energy, he was in a accident on the weekend and has massive head injuries. Hes pulled through a 6 hour surgery, and is now in a induced coma! Its been a really terrible past week as far as people I know back home. A girl I used to play volleyball against quite often passed away, and a girl my BF went to highschool with was killed in a car accident. So Im hoping some positivity will help out Texis!!

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  1. this is sooo pretty Tahnee, they eyes look very mesmarizing