Monday, June 7, 2010

To the Beach Haul

Okay Finnally getting to my 'To the Beach' haul. I only even made time to MAC because I was helping my friend pick up the last few things for her wedding and suggested we go grab a BJ at the Mall, Oh and Hey, While were here lets just pop into MAC ;) haha. Im not sure how much longer I will have internet. By that I mean Im not positive when I will be getting my internet hooked up at our new place. Not soon enough, but I will *FINNALLY* Have my own makeup area to use!! YAY! Cant wait to be out of this tiny apartment! I need to get my brows done before I get any major looks done, they are awful!! lol This week for sure!

Anywho, Heres the haul. Since I still have a realtively small collection I didnt have much similar to anything that came out, so it was all exciting to me!! It seems most people who didnt get much was because they had similar stuff.
Full Haul Shot

'Sand and Sun' & 'Firecracker'
'Hipness' Blush
'Beachbound' l/s

'Flurry of Fun' l/g

'Lifes a Breeze' l/l

'Marine Life'