Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Fit Feb!

So as you may or may not know I've decided to make this 'Get Fit February" and Shayla decided to jump on Board too!! Woop Woop! We kinda decided that we would document everything in our blogs, as a way to keep track of what were doing and motiveate eachother too. It all started when I decided towards the end of January that I was going to try and break my Coke Habit!! It was a brutal weeek getting over it, now I just have on occasion (1 a week maybe). Then, my boyfriend and I decided to get rid of all the crappy food in our place for the most part. We literally threw out all the bad stuff (with the exception of some chocolate I am not willing to give up for occasions ;) haha ) in our cubboards! We had been making an effort to not eat as much junk, but now were pretty much eliminating it! Again we are not depriving ourselves of things, but for the most part eating a healthy balanced diet! We have also both been making an effort to go to the gym. at first I had a hard time getting motivation to get myself physically to the gym, once I was there I was fine...just the act off getting to the gym was hard, now 2 weeks in and Im pretty much dragging the BF there.
Last Week this was my routine Feb 2nd Cardio5 min warmup on treadmill, 1 hour intervals up to level 16 on the elliptical...once at 16 I'd bust it for about 4 minutes then back to 2 resistance and up to 16 again. then 5 min cool down on treadmill. Feb 3rd.5 min warmup, 20 minutes 8% incline on treadmill. then upperbody stregth routin. Feb 4th.I was pretty sore from working out and the chirpractor. So a lowerbody pilates video. Feb 5th.5 mins warmup on treadmill, 40 min intervals on treadmill up to 12% incline (highest it goes). Then upperbody stregth training again.

Im not gonna lie, since I got back on shift I havent done hardly anything! =( Its so hard to work 12 hour days and have the engery after to go to the gym! And I feel emotionally drained lately, I dont know what it is, maybe winter blues. One night me and the BF went for a half hour walk outside in the cold! Thats it, but Tomorrow Im going to definately get up and do pilates before work. And then after work Im going to go to the gym in the evening and bust out my agressions from my work shift. Then its my weekend! YAY!


Hopefully I can get into a better routine

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  1. Wow, you're hardcore with the inclines! I go usually got at about a 2.0 incline (sometimes up to 4.0) and will run instead of walking.