Thursday, January 28, 2010

Revlon Color Stay VS Photo Ready

So today when I was out and about I hit up Shoppers for a few things, and finnally gave into my temptation and bought Revelons Photo Ready Foundation. I have been a big fan of their Color Stay foundation for awhile now, but there was one thing I didnt LOVE about it, which was how fast it dried. I felt like it never gave you tons of time to work with. So when I got home I decided to give the face a re-do and test it out, and quite frankly I LOVE LOVE it!!! First of all the pump it has works awesome and gives you just enough product to work with. Second it applied so smooth and easily and didnt dry within 10 seconds of application so it was easy to blend and build onto my skin. I played around with application methods a bit. I tried with a brush, sponge and fingers, and I did find that it applied best with my fingers. Recently I have become a big fan of applying foundation this way. I feel it melts into my skin alot easier and gives a more natural finish. Maybe this is because I havent found a brush that I feel works best. I hate the type that look like a paintbrush (MAC 190) and have tried the Stipling brushes (MAC 187 & 188) were a bit to soft for me and not quite dense enough to give an application Im fond of (Im open to suggestions).
I also love the dewy glow it gives. I read reviews of being glittery and sparkly but I did *not* notice that at all. Even now,7 hours later I assure you there is no glittery sparkly'ness to my face at all. And it gives excellent coverage!!
Im a fan thats all I can say!!!

Anyways, the before picture is kind of aweful but face shot I took, and the 2nd picture straight up shows the kind of glowy look it gives my face, and shows how good the coverage it has *note the red mark on the right side of my chin is barely visable in pic 2)

ps: Just starting to play around with lipsticks, and I think Im finding a new addiction. Just gives your face that little extra punch to a look! Uh Oh...I can hear my wallet hating me already!


  1. I'm liking the idea of photo ready foundation. I just always have a hard time with colour match with drugstore foundations.

    Thanks for the review and comparison. Your skin glows in these pics, beautiful!

  2. Love the lipstick in the last pic! Lipsticks = FUN!

    I like the MUFE HD Foundation...but this looks like it could be a good drugstore version of it :)

  3. Can you tell me what type of powder you used along with this foundation, thanks!